Contracts and Agreements

Straley | Otto reviews, negotiates, and/or drafts contracts and agreements for products and services provided to our clients. Some examples would include cable and satellite television contracts, elevator contracts, management contracts, roof contracts, painting contracts, engineering and construction contracts. We believe that all contracts should be reviewed to protect our client’s interests, particularly with regard to construction contracts to ensure appropriate schedules of payment to a contractor, the establishment of final completion dates, and the inclusion of “liquidated damages” clauses which assess contractors for work-completion delays. In this way, our clients have a better opportunity to maintain a measure of control of a project and avoid contractor delays.

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Straley | Otto has over 60 years of combined partner experience and serves over 400 Condo, HOA and Co-Op Associations.

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We take a similar, practical business approach in the review of all client contracts and offer legal advice which may ultimately save the client money, avoid lawsuits, and strongly encourage vendor compliance with contractual terms.